Sep 6, 2010

Every Man For Himself

Surely these links work for EMFH's old stuff you may never have heard before. I doubt you can get any of these recordings/CD's from anywhere (unless you find them on or So enjoy them if you can. Every now and then we might even play some.
You should pick up our new CD though - Te Pae Mahutonga (The Southern Cross)
goto Deadboy Records for more info


1. Schicofske in Maroon
2. Do Unto Others, Then Gaps it
3. Ginge Crew


2Putting The Classroom In Class
3In Black, In White
4Scfikofske In Maroon
5Sledgehammer To Crack A Hazelnut
6Not One Stone Left On Another
7Full Weight Of The Scene Resting Squarley On Your Toes


1. I Ruia te kakani I rangitea

2. re: The closing of all age venues

3. Even a broken clock is right twice a day

4. Weight of the scene resting squarely on your toes

5. A Te Tarakihi (The Cicada)
6. That arrogant white toothed smile

7. She likes you for you.

Sep 4, 2010


Unfortunately I'm stopping tis distro for a while. I can't afford to ship stuff across :9

for now follow this blog

Jun 4, 2010


So my shipment got to the shores of NZ on Thursday night. Just after I had been hyping it up at Make Your Move band practice too. Really happy!

I had a great little list of items in there (if you want any of these I'm ordering in the next week) Trapped under Ice, blood for blood (3 different LPs), Ceremony, Right On, Internal affairs, Soul Control (was hanging out for this one), Earth Crisis DVD, This is Hell, Converge - axe to fall LP (super awesome yellow vinyl) and a few more things shirts etc.

Can't wait for the next order.
I will be at shows selling rekkids too so come along :)


May 25, 2010

Every Man For Himself Facebook Page

New CD available from stores now

Common Bond Records

Check out this cool little Auzzie Hardcore record label. Home to BLKOUT, Miles Away, Extortion, Break Even & More.

They do some Vinyl and CDs + Merch. Hopefully I can get some of their awesome titles. Especially Extortion!!! Hit me up if you are keen

Common Bond Records Myspace Page

TMH Distro

DVDs + Shirts + More Merch

So i've found out that i can out that I can get quite a list of Hardcore, Punk, Metal & Alt DVD's. I wish i could put up a full list of titles and prices but it is tedious work converting prices to NZD and incl shipping with it. If you are keen to know a price of a dvd, merch etc look at revhq and email me and i'll get back to you asap.

Some titles are here:

American hardcore DVD
Bad Brains - live @ CBGB's '92
Coheed & Cambria - Neverender
Black Flag - "live"
Comeback Kid - Through The Noise
GG Alin - Hated
Guns Up - All This Way
h20 - one life, one chance
hatebreed - live dominance
ISIS - clearing the eye
Minor Threat - "live"
NOFX - backstage passport
Seventh Star - 100%
Sick of it all - the story so Far
New S+Found Glory - The story so far
+ heaps of Various Artist, compilaions, festivals etc.

There is also a buttload of shirts to choose from tooo and other bits n pieces.

I am going to have a small stock of stickers too.

TMH Distro

May 24, 2010

Shipment in minus 1 week or so


So the 2nd order should be arriving at my front door real soon.
People have already ordered what is in my stock before it has arrived even! WOAH MAMA!
For example the Trapped under Ice 7" went as soon as i put it up.
No Problem though as I'm already making a list of the next order in a week or so :)
remember to email me if you want anything in particular. You can even have a look on the record labels websites and tell me.

or look at this page for smaller labels

Also you can have this sampler free download it. Click on picture for link.
1. The Year Ends In Arson In The Blink Of A Heart [From the release Vessels]
2. Blackened This Burden Off My Back [From the release This Means War]
3. The Wonder Years Don't Open The Fridge! [From the release Distances (Split w/All Or Nothing)]
4. Into It. Over It. Corrugated Windows [From the release 52 Weeks]
5. Monument To Thieves Anyone But You [From the release Anyone But You]
6. Underneath The Gun A Sharp Definition Of Dull [From the release Forfeit Misfortunes]
7. Pulling Teeth Bloodwolves [From the release Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions]
8. Lewd Acts Nightcrawlers [From the release Black Eye Blues]
9. Reign Supreme Slipping Away [From the release Testing The Limits Of Infinite]
10. Narrows Chambered [From the release New Distances]
11. Bishop Edge Of The World [From the release Drugs]
12. Alarmed Brainwarshed [From the release s/t]
13. My Turn To Win Hear Me Now [From the release Weight Of The World]
14. Anchor Finding Home [From the release The Quiet Dance]
15. Make Do And Mend Winter Wasteland [From the release Bodies Of Water]
16. Detournement Odessa [From the release Screaming Response]
17. Mouthpiece Column [From the release Can't Kill What's Inside]
18. Seven Generations Chimera [From the release To See The End]
19. Time For Change Twenty-One [From the release Memoirs]
20. Down To Nothing When My World Turns Cold [From the release DTN/50 Lions (Split)]
Punk and Hardcore Music Store
if you want to order anything in the next order
Some stock im ordering will be:
Sick of it all - based on a true story LP
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold 7" (restock)
Naysayer - No Remorse 7"
Down to Nothing - All My Sons 7"

But is first in first served when I put it up. Unless you email me ;)
Hopefully some samples and flyers etc will come through too for those that order.

Chur for the support too!
TMH Distro

May 23, 2010

Titles in stock

Ceremony - Sick 7"

Outbreak - Work Till Death - 7"

This Is Hell - Warbirds 7"

Converge - Axe To Fall LP

Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold 7"

Right On - No Joke 7"

Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions 7"

Slumlords - Drunk At The Youth Of Today Reunion 7"

email me to order

remember if you want to order something in the next order facebook me or email me


This blog is for TMH distro.

This blog is also linked to The Murder House blog and serves as a site to see what stock I am selling. I am mostly doing vinyl as i have a small passion for it now. Plus Cds aren't as great of a product IMO.

Most of the titles I will have are from Rivalry Records, Eulogy Recordings, Bridge Nine Records, Deathwish Records and a few smaller, but awesome, record labels.
If you want to have a look at some titles look at RevHQ as they are my contact for ordering atm.
I will also be trying to do some New Zealand releases to for those interested.
It is mostly Hardcore, Punk, Metal and the subgenres that go along with this.

The distro is just to be able to get a bit more awesome music easily available in NZ without everyone having to do single orders.

If you want to contact me about anything email me